Studies have showed that having A mentor and building a network has a major impact to one's success

If you've been listening along for any amount of time, you might know the story of how we got our start. The Breakfast with Sis podcast began as a simple father/daughter tradition. We went to breakfast every Saturday morning, talking about life and business and all the skills necessary to be truly successful in both of these areas.

It has been these conversations filled with knowledge and guidance that has gotten me to where I am in my life and setting me up for success in the future. We hear about mentoring and see it through TV series, but we don't see people activity seeking a mentor enough. 


But why Mentor Makers? 

You can't be successful if you're doing life alone. Everyone needs a mentor; whether you are starting a business, you're a parent, or you're a student, these life lessons are never taught in the classroom and yet we've found that this information is vital for everyone in any walk of life.

A mentor will help guide you through valuable stages in life and in business. When life gets busy, goals that are set will fall through time and time again, most likely it's because there wasn't a mentor involved to hold you accountable. With a mentor you are able to gain knowledge, stimulate growth, and create boundaries to avoid those emotional growing pains.

This online course will teach you not only how to find a mentor but also how to be a good mentor and get the most out of the relationship.  

We will walk you through our journey of mentorship with videos, workbook style lessons, favorite resources, and personal life lessons.   

Dad's story

With over 30 years of global leadership expertise, Dad, aka Tony Bridwell has dedicated his life to inspiring, motivating and empowering people to realize their highest potential. He has worked with some of the top organizations around the world helping maximize their cultures to exceed business objectives and deliver greater value. Tony is also a leadership author with three books published in his Maker Series. 

Alli's story

Alli started her own business straight out of college, having grown what started out as a hobby to successful worldwide known business. Through the last four years, she has designed multiple wedding suites, customized hundreds of leather jackets, published two books, and making cities cooler one mural at a time. She attributes her successful career to her mentoring relationships, with both dad and her various business mentors. 

What you'll learn

this and so much more!


What's included


dad and I will teach each lesson in video form, giving you the feeling that we are all hanging out in person. Whats great about this course is that we are not only teaching you about successful mentoring but we are kinda in a way mentoring you. 


this workbook will go along with the videos with fill in the blanks and challenges. 


our favorite and must have resources with special discount codes


one of my favorite resources with any online course I have been involved in. Members will connect, share, and learn. It is the gift that is never ending. 


you will get everything included plus a package of our favorite mentoring resources and a 60 minute one on one session with us

Almost every successful person - think Oprah or Bill Gates - can connect defining moments in their lives back to a mentoring relationship. Mentoring is more than just encouraging someone, the right relationship is a valuable resource, increases productivity, and empowers potential. 

71% of fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs

Someone with A mentor Will make $5 - $22k more than someone who does not have a mentor





Im confused, is this for being a mentor or being an mentee? 

Both! If you are either a new parent, a new boss, looking to pay it forward, or wanting someone to guide you in your personal or professional life, than this is for you! Use this course to make sure your mentor relationship is successful.

How long will this course take? Can I go at my own pace?

The course is design for all types of learners. We want you to go at your own pace and soak up every lesson on your own time. 

What if I already have a mentor? 

One step ahead! You wont have that mentor relationship forever. This course will make sure your getting the most of that mentorship. 

How do I join the Private Facebook group? 

There will be an email sent once you pay for the course inviting you into the group! 



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